Pakistan opener Sharjeel gets blackmailing calls

May 12, 2016 | By

By Staff Reporter

Dashing Pakistan opener Sharjeel Khan became the latest high profile cricketer to get threatening calls from blackmailers, asking him for money or they will put an indecent vidoe of his on social media.

Pakistan Cricket Board said they have gathered information from Khan and have directed their head of Anti-corruption and Vigilance department Colonel (retired) Mohammad Azam to investigate the matter.

Khan, topscorer for Pakistan with 112 runs in a disastrous World Twenty20 campaign, gave a message on social media twitter.

“I have been getting threatening calls for some days and the callers have been demanding money from me,” said Khan. “They threatened me that if I don’t pay them the money they will upload my vidoe. So iam informing all my fans that if they see any vidoe of mine it will be fake as they must have put my face through softwares.”

Sources said Khan, who lives in Hyderabad, some 200 km from Karachi, was getting calls for the last ten days and the callers demanded Rs 200,000 (2000 US dollars) and initially the opener and his family did not take the calls seriously.

Threatening calls to businessman and celebrities have been common in Pakistan for the last few years but since last year’s operation by para-military forces in Karachi they have reduced significantly.

Hyderabad police have also registered complaints and have started investigation.

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