No cricket in Pakistan hurt our development, says Misbah

August 3, 2016 | By

Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq Tuesday stressed his country’s development is suffering because of no cricket in the country for seven years.

Pakistan has been a no go for international teams since terrorists attacks on the Sri Lankan team bus in 1999.

They are forced to play all their home matches in UAE, a fact that Misbah said was depressing.

“It can really hurt your overall development as a cricketing nation,” said Misbah when asked England will be playing 500th Test at home on Wednesday while Pakistan were not able to play at home at all.

“Your youth can really be inspired if you are playing internationally back at home. Obviously, you can build more infrastructure and people read more about cricket. It’s not helping that we are not playing any sort of international cricket there.

“The interest of the youth is really losing out to other sports. It’s one area where you can say we are really unlucky and we want international cricket back in Pakistan, just to help our youngsters and just to help cricket in Pakistan.”

Misbah admitted the youth in Pakistan are deprived.

“If yu are not watching the heroes and the top stars in the world in the grounds (in Pakistan) and you are not meeting them, that could be a big attraction for them to play cricket.

“Without that, it’s really difficult for the Pakistan Cricket Board and it can really hurt them financially also. Obviously at school level, club level, the activity is just dropped a little bit because of that. You can see wherever the World Cups are, or international events, the whole scenario changes, it’s like a fever in that country for that sport. That’s what we have been really missing.”

Misbah deplored that in the absence of cricket, kids were focusing on other things.

“At the moment, the kinds are more towards ipads and mobile phones. That’s really hurting. We need really good physical activities for the children there, no matter what sport they are playing. It’s really important for their physical growth and mental growth, and make them good human (beings).

“We need more sports atmosphere in Pakistan. We must understand that even in our schools, our colleges and our homes, how important sports is for a kid.”

Asked is it safe to play in Pakistan now after a military operation has broken the back of terrorists and security is improving, Misbah said it was getting conducive.

“That has been improving, that’s been improving a lot. The Pakistan government, the army and everybody’s really working hard on that. Hopefully, it will be better in the coming future.”

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