Sorry state of National Stadium

September 1, 2017 | By

Karachi, the biggest nursery of cricket in the country, has one of the historic cricket stadiums but lately the state of this National Cricket Stadium is as bad as one could imagine.

The excuse of the drought of international cricket is there but even this plea doesn’t stop the authorities to look after this facility, which got the Test status in 1955 and have hosted some of the memorable matches.

A few months ago, the PCB started the renovation work at the stadium but this recent spell of rains, in Karachi, exposed every bit of the ill-planning.

As we entered the stadium, a lake welcomed us!

The main ground was like a pond, the roof of the stands was dripping too and the stranded water, around the ground, was narrating the sorry tale of negligence.

Who is responsible as nobody was there to respond the media queries.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has been spending millions but it seems the facility is not in good hands. The Board must pay heed and look after the historic stadium before it’s too late.


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