Four fired. Good! And others?

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When news spread that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has fired four advisers to the chairman, panic spread among those employees whom performance is nothing but who have been drawing huge salaries and benefits. But PCB’s newly-elected chairman Ehsan Mani seems to be not interested in carrying the luggage of previous chairmen.

All four of them had been appointed by former chairman Najam Sethi: Shoaib Akhtar, Salahuddin, Shakeel Sheikh and Aizad Syed. Shakeel was close to Sethi who appointed him as adviser for infrastructure.

The cricket fraternity hailed the new chairman’s decision and is keenly waiting to know what the future would be of those incompetent officials of PCB who have always proved a burden on Pakistan cricket, those who have been successful in fooling all PCB chairmen through buttering.

What has Subhan Ahmed, who got promoted from a typist to the position of Chief Operating Officer, during the tenures of various PCB chairmen, done for Pakistan cricket? The COO of Pakistan cricket is not an ordinary job. He is a custodian of Pakistan cricket. What was his role in ICC meetings? Neither did he bring back international cricket to Pakistan. He always supported and promoted his cronies such as manager NSK Arshad Khan and Asad Mustafa.

Sources said that Mani did not know the internal politics of Pakistan cricket. He should be wary of these sycophants.

Sources also said the PCB chairman must investigate how scorers of first-class cricket and Test cricket reached important positions at the PCB’s head office such as Asad Mustafa, Saqib Irfan and Maqsood Ahmed. They only destroyed Pakistan’s domestic cricket system.

Former Test cricketer Haroon Rasheed has always produced horrible results at different important positions during long association with PCB.  It is learnt that recently he gave a presentation to Chairman.

To please PM Imran Khan, he expelled the departmental cricket teams in his presentation. Earlier, he was trying to meet Imran but failed in his efforts. Now he is buttering Mani.

It may be noted that Imran has always wanted Pakistan’s first class cricket to be based on regional teams. Before PTI came into power, Haroon had never even talked about regional cricket but now just to please the PM, he gave such a presentation.

Ehsan Mani, Chairman PCB, must inquire into the irregularities at the National Stadium, Karachi, (NSK) where Arshad Khan is working as General manager. He is the most trusted man of COO Subhan Ahmed.

The PCB chairman must inquire how 7000 cards were prepared for PSL final in Karachi, how NSK’s land has been encroached upon, who is responsible for the sale of scrap, and where the money went.

Asad Mustafa, Maqsood Ahmed and Saqib Irfan were scorers. Now they hold important posts at the headquarters. What is their educational qualification?

Sources said that lobbying has started in the PCB after the dismissal of the four advisers. Zakir Khan, who was considered close to Imran Khan, has been appointed as director international cricket. He knows every wrongdoing in the PCB, but did he inform the PCB new chairman?

There would be a lot of hard work to do for the PCB chairman to clean up the system.

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