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 The Regional Cricket Academy’s (RCA) Karachi unit has been lying dormant causing immense losses to regional cricketers of Sindh and Baluchistan due to lethargic attitude of PCB high officials. The project was started in 2011 but has not been completed so far.


The PCB high officials did not inquire why the cricket academy in Karachi has not been completed. They did not take any action and due to this lethargic attitude the youngsters of Sindh and Baluchistan are still deprived of good coaching.


The regional academy has been established at National Stadium Karachi (NSK), which was declared the ideal place for this purpose.


A wonderful building has been constructed but unfortunately the academy is not operational due to which Sindh and Baluchistan youngsters are not able to improve their skills and rectify their mistakes under the guidance of NCA’s coaches.


There are at least four Master coaches who have ICC certifications: Jalaluddin, Azam Khan, Shaukat Mirza, and Umar Rasheed. Shaukat and Umar are already PCB employees and do coaching when PCB needs them. But their services could be utilized best if PCB’s Karachi’s academy is operational.


A number of players’ bowling action is suspect but due to the delay in the opening of the Karachi academy their first class cricket career is in danger.


There is no criterion of the appointment of coaches in the NCA. Some coaches who have degrees of level 4 are still out of the NCA and those who failed in these courses or did not do any course are holding top posts in NCA.


Former Test and ODI fast bowler Jalaluddin, who is a level 4 coach, said that those sitting in the PCB should know that in modern cricket, a professional and trained coach plays an important role in success of any team.


The ICC has introduced cricket coaching courses in which level 4 is the highest so far, covering all aspects of the game. 


Jalal said that the pathetic attitude of PCB high-ups towards NCA in Lahore and failure to complete Karachi’s academy showed how sincere they were and what importance they gave to cricket coaching. 


Jalal said that the establishment of NCA was a good idea but the results that have been achieved are far below the expectations.


He regretted that Karachi academy’s opening is being delayed as it is wasting public money, while there is urgent need to groom budding players of the two provinces. 


He said that NCA could be the backbone of Pakistan cricket if it was used according to the need of the hour.


Jalal said every cricketer cannot be sent to NCA from all over the country. Therefore, Karachi’s academy was planned, but unfortunately nobody takes notice of this injustice to the youngsters of the two provinces.


Those players who are not successful at the top level, in national cricket team, in Pakistan A, or in junior teams, are sent to the NCA to remove their mistakes and make them successful cricketers. But the same thing does not happen with players of these two provinces.


Jalal regretted that development work in Karachi academy had been completed and 90 percent staff was also available but PCB authorities were not opening it.  


A group of former first class cricketers said that the political leadership of Sindh and Balochsitan should raise the issue in assemblies and ask why the PCB does not make it operational.


Jalal regretted that the NCA in Lahore was not working well and the Karachi academy was lying dormant. One can imagine what the state of coaching in the country’s two biggest cities is, he added. 


Informed sources said that the academy was being used as a rest house and some of the employees stayed there whenever they wanted.


The construction work of the building has been completed and electrical work has also been completed.

The NSK management, when contacted, said that 98 percent of the development work had been completed and only finishing work was needed. An official said that Karachi’s academy would take six months to become operational.


The cricket ground which was adjacent to the academy is being closed and another ground is to be developed.


It is deplorable that PCB officials are so misusing the public money. What can be the reason to close a ground and develop a new one just a few yards away?


The existing ground has been used for domestic events, including under-16 and under-19 and women’s matches. Besides, it has been hired by companies for their employees’ recreational matches. There is ambiguity about the future of this ground. 


It may be noted that this ground was developed during the tenure of PCB chairman Lt Gen Tauqir Zia.

Before the development of this ground, the stadium had a double road, but one of that was used for this ground, leaving one road for the passage of spectators, staffers and visitors of PCB and KCCA offices here.


But just after ten years the ground is being neglected and another empty place which has been so far used

for parking has been earmarked for developing a new ground.


The PCB officials are not opening the cricket academy, which is 98 percent developed, but are eager to develop a new ground in the same premises. Is there no one in the PCB to take notice of this waste of public money?

Former cricketers also questioned why an indoor net practice facility has not been developed inside the academy. They said it was sheer negligence and lack of cricket knowledge of PCB’s project director. They said that such a facility is an essential part of any academy.

Syed Intikhab Ali

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