HBL, Enabling Dreams with the HBL PSL Title Sponsorship

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The story of Pakistan is intertwined with the story of HBL. With the inception of Pakistan in 1947, HBL was the first commercial bank to be set up in Pakistan. It is fitting that Pakistan’s pride, Pakistan Super League (PSL) is supported by HBL, the largest commercial bank in the country.

The unflinching support that HBL has provided HBL PSL since its inception, is a reflection of its commitment towards this national initiative, from 2016 onwards the sponsorship is something that is unheard of in the history of Pakistan cricket.

It also serves as a testament to HBL’s vision of ‘Enabling Dreams’ as it enables the development of youth and the discovery of new talent in Pakistan.

With the support of the title sponsors, the HBL PSL has grown manifolds, earning a 50 percent increase in television rights for 2022 and 2023.

The Bank believes that its support towards HBL PSL is an extension of its brand identity.

HBL’s Marketing & Corporate Affairs unit is one of the key-drivers of this initiative, exploring avenues for leveraging the partnership to build brand equity for the Bank as well as the platform. The man heading the department is the ever-agile and energetic, Ali Habib who reiterates the commitment.

Ali Habib - HBL’s Marketing & Corporate Affairs

“HBL PSL has played a major role in building a positive image of the country,” Ali Habib, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer – HBL, told SCORELINE.

“HBL’s renewed commitment with PCB for another four years, brings us to celebrate ten years of HBL PSL since its inception in 2016 till 2025. Both HBL and PCB believe in enabling dreams of the youth and HBL PSL is doing that for the young cricketers in Pakistan.” said Ali.

Asked why HBL believes in investing in HBL PSL he said, “HBL is part of the nation’s fabric and its commitment towards cricket remains as strong as ever. HBL’s title sponsorship of the HBL PSL, over the last six years, reflects our passion for the development of youth and the discovery of cricketing talent in Pakistan. HBL PSL has given an opportunity to countless young cricketers to display their talent at a national and international level.

This has led to an unprecedented talent pipeline for Pakistan cricket and has played an instrumental role in discovering players who are now star performers in the National team.

He added, “HBL is about ‘enabling dreams’ and synchronizes perfectly with HBL PSL’s philosophy to provide an enabling environment to the emerging cricketers of Pakistan. Through HBL PSL, HBL remains committed to playing its part in promoting Pakistan through the sport across the world.”

Ali is of the opinion that HBL PSL has been the true enabler for bringing international cricket back to the country.

“It started with hosting the tournament in Dubai and then slowly and gradually over the years, all the matches shifted back to Pakistan.”


About the philosophy behind ‘Jahan Fans Wahan Stadium’, he said this year, the Bank’s motto ‘Jahan Fans Wahan Stadium’ was based on the notion that the game of cricket is where its fans are, whether in the stands or at home; through television or social media, HBL PSL reaches every household in Pakistan and across the world.

“HBL has been committed to the platform since the beginning and we have now further strengthened this partnership for a further four years. In 2025, Insha Allah we will celebrate a decade of this phenomenal journey and the prominent brand that is now recognized as HBL PSL across the world.

Ali said according to statistics more than 93 million people in the country either watch or play cricket.

HBL PSL has played a key role in reigniting the passion for the game in Pakistan and enabling dreams of young cricketers to be a part of the international cricket circle. “We are very proud of what the tournament has achieved so far and will continue to provide a platform to enable the dreams of young talent as we re-ignite the passion for the sport in the country,” he added.

Ali said HBL PSL has played a major role in building a positive and depicting a softer image for the country.

“HBL PSL brings international cricketers to Pakistan who then become ambassadors of the country. Not only that but since HBL PSL6, the franchises have also welcomed international talent to become their brand ambassadors and promote the cross-cultural ties between different countries.”

“We are also constantly embedding the HBL PSL brand in our products and services, especially the Roshan Digital Account (RDA) to give a well-rounded user experience to our international clients. Promoting the experience and services that the country has to offer to Pakistani ex-pats around the world.”

“The successful execution of the tournament in the past is a testament to Pakistan being a peace-loving and hospitable country, full of great potential and possibilities for the rest of the world,” he said.

Ali said all Pakistanis should support this national initiative.

“Throughout these years, HBL PSL has become a major event on the international sports calendar and a platform for cultural exchange from across the world. The Bank believes that no matter which team wins, the real winner is Pakistan!”, he concluded.

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