England tour: Talks still on over keeping families along

June 15, 2016 | By

One matter after the other stands out and this has been the story of Pakistan cricket for long. Lately, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) decided to curtail the stay of players’ families during the long tour of England however a multiple sources claim that players were not happy over the limited permission granted by the board in this regard. “They aren’t happy and some senior players have already conveyed their reservations to the relevant PCB officials. There is still time in hand therefore an amicable resolution of the disagreement is expected soon”, sources said

The ‘scoreline.org’ has learnt that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had granted limited permission to the players to keep their families along, from the end of this month till the first Test match against England.

“It’s a long and tough tour where the presence of families will only be beneficial for players”, a source quoted one of the players.

It is pertinent to mention here that the expenses, of keeping the families along, are borne by the players themselves.

Pakistan Test squad will leave for the UK on June 18 to hold a long training camp in Hampshire. The first test match of the 4-match series will commence on July 14.

The writer is a Pakistani sports journalist & tweets @mak_asif

Muhammad Asif Khan

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