Arthur wants cut on foreign leagues participation

January 20, 2018 | By

Karachi: The hammering in the recently concluded one-day series, New Zealand, has prompted the Pakistan team management to mend their ways to cope with challenges.

In this connection the head coach, Mickey Arthur has shared a set of recommendations with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

A privy source has confirmed that Mickey Arthur had urged the PCB to preserve players by limiting their exposure to the foreign cricket leagues.

“Arthur did not propose to discontinue all NoCs however felt the PCB needs to manage players better to prevent fatigue-related injuries”, the source said

“Arthur feels players should be fresh for the national duty unlike this time-around, in New Zealand, where most of them were tired”, the source added

New Zealand thrashed Pakistan 5-0 in the recently concluded ODI series. Prior to the series, many top Pakistan players featured in foreign leagues such as CPL, BPL and T10 league.

“We did not even have five front line bowlers for the final ODI against New Zealand, on Friday, and we can’t have that happen going into the world cup next year”, the source quoted Arthur.

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