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KARACHI: The spot-fixing scandal of 2010 is not only the darkest spot on Pakistan Cricket history but also a possible hindrance to the trio from entering the United Kingdom for a longer period of time. The law of the land is very strict on the individuals who have served jail-term in the wake of an illegal activity. However the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is confident to obtain UK visa for the youngest of the trio, Muhammad Amir who was convicted and jailed in England for his involvement in the 2010 spot-fixing saga.

“Of course it is not easy to get the UK visa in this situation but there is a way out for Muhammad Amir. He needs a ‘character-waiver’ to join the Pakistan team on the England tour”, said a source privy to the development.

The source further said that since Muhammad Amir had earlier applied for the UK visa, on his own, and his application had been rejected therefore additional paperwork is required, to convince the authorities, this time around.

One a question regarding Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif, the source said the response from the relevant quarters is not optimistic for the duo.

“We have been in touch with UK home office as well as with the English Cricket Board and there are bright chances for Muhammad Amir to get the green signal in this regard.” the source added

“After the affirmative response, Amir’s visa application will be formally submitted in due course”, the source said

This is pertinent to mention here that Muhammad Amir was granted visa to travel to New Zealand, for a bilateral series, earlier this year and the Immigration New Zealand took the decision after keeping in view the factors including the support from New Zealand and Pakistan Cricket Boards.

“The New Zealand visa can support Muhammad Amir’s application for the UK entry visa”, the source concluded

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