Sheharyar’s call for non political patron ‘surprising’: Arif Abbasi

August 8, 2017 | By

Karachi: Former chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Arif Ali Khan Abbasi has described call from Sheharyar Khan, to delink the PCB from Prime Minister’s office, as surprising.

Talking to this correspondent, Abbasi added that the president should be the patron of the PCB instead. “I also feel that the Prime Minister should not be the patron of the PCB but how can Sheharyar Khan oppose it now after completing his stint under the same rule”, Arif Abbasi said.

“It is nothing but surprising [from Sheharyar Khan] to raise objection at this point in time”, Arif Abbasi added.

Recalling the PCB structure during his time, as the CEO, Arif Abbasi was of the view that the President of the country, as patron, should appoint the chairman and the honoury treasurer only, while other functions should be administered by the general body of all regions and departments.

“The post of patron-in-chief was gifted to the President by the general body with a prerogative to appoint the CEO and an honorary treasurer, who would look after the audit and other financial matters of the board”, Arif Abbasi said, who had Salmaan Taseer (late) as his treasurer in the 90s.

Arif Abbasi said that all power should rest with the General Body to run the affairs of the cricket board. “The General body should elect an executive committee from its members. In our time, the general body used to approve finances and the budget along with future plans”, Arif Abbasi said.

“The board’s constitution was tampered a lot in the recent past, you can’t do these things”, Arif Abbasi concluded.

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