PCB Mafia XI must be eliminated. What is Ehsan Mani’s utility in PCB?

December 9, 2019 | By

Only last month, after the resignation of Subhan Ahmad, the Scoreline had apprised its readers that some more heads are to be rolled in the coming days.

First, irreplaceable myth of Subhan Ahmad, an incompetent but Masters in buttering the boss, was broken and he resigned on 22nd November and now Ali Zia, another incompetent officer, also quit on December 6. Is PCB Mafia XI is on the decline? First their captain and then a very important member have been shown the door in a span of just two weeks.

Should we believe now that much needed process of revamp has started in Pakistan Cricket Board as inept and morally corrupt officials of the Board are resigning one after the other?

Without any doubt the ScoreLine takes pride to expose these incompetent officials in its Magazine and Website and had also publihed a list of PCB Mafia XI last year.

We have been constatntly forewarning in our articles that PCB needs a complete purge. For instance, an article entitled: Beware Wasim Khan, the PCB Mafia is after you, apperaed on the website few months ago.

Even we criticised PCB mnagement for being so lienient with the Mafia XI. But like a true professional, PCB CEO Wasim Khan took time and personally observed the pathetic working of these officials and decided to strike. Anyhow Scroreline is vindicated!

However, Mr. Khan the Mafia XI is shaterred not eliminated as yet. Its left over members are regrouping themselves. Beware of them! You need to strike more and don’t trust if someone from the Mafia XI becomes approver (Wadda Maaf Gawwa) to save his job.

The Mafia XI have ruled PCB long and their roots are also very deep. They don’t just kick their habit of pulling legs and buttering. It will take time. Instead of waiting for the time, the PCB must be cleaned from Mafia XI for creating a true professional and cricket culture in the Board where everyone must be held answerable for his doings.

The sacking or resignations of Suhan and Zia has badly disturbed their friends in media. I was amused to read a news appearing in media from a journalist, who boats about drinking coffee or having lunch/dinner with former chairmen quite often, now tells us in his columns, that a verbal argument with a top Board official resulted in Zia’s resignation. Very funny! He also found a loophole in the PCB press release in which the services of Zia were not mentioned or acknowledged. Which services? I would like to know. Such leeches enjoyed their stay, I will not call theirs a job, in the NCA only becuase of Subhan and journalists like him who overlooked their incompetence.

Those who benefitted from the PCB in the past are visibly frustrated. The reason is obvious. Their Daal Roti has been stopped by the new management. The Board’s Director Media Samiul Hassan Barni is also being regularly targetted by this desparete journalist who sees his (Sami) hand in Subhan’s sacking. Again funny!

The writing on the wall was visible when non of the members of Mafia XI residing in NCA were invited or even seen in the official photograph when British Royal couple visited NCA in October last. I had written the following line on Facebook which I now share here for the readers; “England is known as Mother of Cricket. The Royal Couple from England is visiting NCA which has become Notorious Cricketers’ Academy because of Leeches like Ali Zia, Shahid Aslam and many others.

I hope that the Royal Couple would give some useful coaching tips to incompetent leeches of NCA. Today we complain that there is scarcity of emerging talent in Pakistan. These leeches are responsible for this decline who use NCA as a social club where they even clean their laundry.

They have ruined our national cricket but nobody has the guts to take action against them. Royal Couple will arrive at 1.30pm and I hope that Head of NCA, Muddy Paa, will rise by that time to receive the Royal guests. You know Muddy Paa is known for his late night sughals”.

However, these paracites tried to buy time and continued till they find that now it has become hard for them to continue amid their merrymaking.

The new management wanted performance and it was hard for them because they were not trained or habitual for hard working. They were simply incompetent and not qualified for the job. For such paracites I had started referring National Cricket Academy as Notorrious Cricketers’ Academy.

There are still questions in cricket circles. Why Wasim Bari, Arshad Khan and many others are still around. Bari knows nothing but to please the boss. While Arshad is the man of Subhan who used to settle scores with his apponents. And by the way what is the utility of Shahid Aslam. He had been appointed in NCA as a coach but he hardly did his job. He is always seen on foreign tours with the Pakistan team. We need not to apprise Khan more becuase by now he would himslef have observed and understood the utility of such officials working under his strict management. It is heard that Muddy Paa is also feeling uncomfortable, perhaps, the Patron is not prepare to interfere. Muddy Paa can resign any time and may join his African wife who is the chief executive of Kenyan Cricket Board.

I close my utterance with that what is the utility of Ehsan Mani in Pakistan Cricket. The PCB Patron is habitual of taking U-Turns in politics and he must take one positive U-Turn in cricket and replace Mani with some more knowledgeable and proven cricket administrators!

The Game of Gentleman is on the decline, particularly in his 15 months in power center in Islamabad. The reason is his own hand picked incompetent chairman who has no time for Pakistan cricket.

If Robert Kennedy, on sheer merit, could become Attorney General in the United States in his elder brother’s Presdient John Kennedy’s government in early 1960’s why an honest, a strict disciplinarian and your elder maternal cousin Majid Khan can’t become chairman of PCB?

You have another tested and upright administrator Salim Altaf and I assure you that the duo of Majid and Salim could effectively put Pakistan cricket on the right track and achieve positive results in a short span of time. Just ponder upon Imran Khan!

Asif Sohail

Asif Sohail is an author at ScoreLine and has written numerous articles published at ScoreLine.org.

He is a freelance sports journalist. Have worked in ‘The News International’ and a former Head of Sports at ‘Dunya News’. He Graduated from GC Lahore and completed his Masters from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.

You can connect him on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

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