Patron’s Trophy Grade-II, Round Two, Day Three Summary

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Lahore: The Patron’s Trophy Grade II tournament third day’s play was held today at seven venues across the country.

In Pool ‘A’ match between Civil Aviation Authority and Omer Associates at the State Bank Ground in Karachi on Saturday. Omer Associates won the match by seven wickets on the third and final day. In the second innings, Civil Aviation Authority were dismissed for 77 with Muhammad Irfan taking four wickets. In reply, Omer Associates chased down the target of 116 in 30 overs for the loss of three wickets. Fardous Bukhari scored an unbeaten 74-ball 42 with seven fours.

In a Pool ‘B’ match, Ghani Glass won the match against Candyland by 10 wickets on the third and final day. Candyland resumed their second innings at overnight score of 185 for nine and were dismissed for 216 in 56.2 overs. Ghani Glass, achieved victory in five overs for no loss.

On the third and final day of a Pool ‘B’ match between Higher Education Commission and Port Qasim at the Iqbal Stadium in Faisalabad, Port Qasim in their first innings were dismissed for 144 in 48.1 overs. For Higher Education Commission, Mamoon Riaz took six for 26. In reply, Higher Education Commission were 113 for the loss of three wickets as the match ended in a draw.

In Pool ‘C’ match between State Bank of Pakistan and Pakistan International Airlines at the Diamond Cricket Ground in Islamabad ended in a draw. State Bank of Pakistan resumed their first innings overnight score of 99 for three in 32 overs and finished the first innings at 279 for eight in 83 overs. Syed Saad Ali top-scored with 83 off 116 balls with 11 fours while Rizwan Hussain fell four short of a fifty. In reply, Pakistan International Airlines in their second innings scored 51 for three in 24 overs.

Similarly, on third day’s play in the Pool ‘C’ match between Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force at the Army Cricket Ground in Rawalpindi, Pakistan Army resumed their first innings on 125 for five were dismissed for 237 in 74.3 overs. For Pakistan Army, Shoaib Khan scored 120-ball 54 with 10 fours. For Pakistan Air Force, Muhammad Ismail and Arish Ali Khan shared six wickets between them.

In reply, Pakistan Air Force scored 245 for seven in 42 overs. Umair Masood scored an unbeaten 74-ball 68 with five fours and a six. Muhammad Naqash scored almost run-a-ball 61 with 10 fours. The match ended in  a draw.

Sabir’s Poultry beat Pakistan Railways by nine wickets in a Pool ‘D’ match at the Railway Stadium in Lahore. Pakistan Railways in their second innings were dismissed for 103, giving a 94-run target for Sabir’s Poultry. In their run-chase, Sabir’s Poultry achieved victory for the loss of one wicket in 16 overs. Imran Dogar scored run-a-ball 59 not out with nine fours.

Third day’s play in Pool ‘D’ match between K-Electric and Karachi Port Trust at the LCCA Ground in Lahore, Karachi Port Trust resumed their first innings on six for no loss were bowled out for 116 in 37.3 overs. For K- Electric, Waqar Anwar and Asad Raza took three wickets apiece. K-Electric enforced follow-on as Karachi Port Trust scored 72 for two in 39 overs. The match ended in a draw.

Scores in brief:


 ***State Bank Ground, Karachi:


Civil Aviation Authority: 262-9, 83 overs (Ashfaq Ahmed 100, {146b, 7x4s, 1×6}; Akbar Badshah 55, {102b, 10x4s}; Mussadiq Ahmed 41, {76b, 6x4s}; Muhammad Irfan 5-100) and 77 all out, 44.5 overs (Ashfaq Ahmed 28, {63b, 4x4s, 1×6}; Muhammad Irfan 4-11, Bilawal Iqbal 2-18, Muhammad Ali Khan 2-34)

Omer Associates: 224 all out, 78.1 overs (Yasir Mushtaq 65, {147b, 5x4s}; Saad Nasim 46, {91b, 3x4s, 1×6}; Bilawal Iqbal 31, {96b, 2x4s, 1×6}; Shahid Nawaz 6-55, Hazrat Shah 2-55) and 116 for 3, 30 overs (Fahadis Bukhari 42 not out 74b, 7x4s}; Saad Nasim 25 not out, {18b, 2x4s, 1×6}; Arsalan Bashir 21, {54b 3x4s}; Usman Khan 20, {30b 4x4s}; Mirza Ahsan 2-55)

Result: Omer Associates won by 7 wickets

Overnight: Civil Aviation Authority: and 35 for 5, 20 overs

Toss: Civil Aviation Authority elected to bat first

Umpires: Kashif Sohail and Abdul Karim

Referee: Athar Laiq


***Rana Naveed Academy, Sheikhupura:

Ghani Glass: 394 for 6, 83 overs (Zeeshan Ashraf 95, {172b, 11x4s}; Yousaf Babar 84, {134b, 6x4s, 1×6, Shahbaz Javed 68, {116b, 9x4s}; Tayyab Tahir 67, {53b, 6x4s, 2x6s}; Haris Nazar 21 not out, {18b, 2x4s}; Bilal Mirza 3-58, Fahad Ullah 2-123) and 16 for no loss, 5 overs

Candyland: 191 all out, 46.4 overs (Ahmer Bin Nasir 52, {57b, 9x4s}; Marwan 44, {57b, 8x4s}; Hassan Javed 36, {40b, 4x4s}; Aamir Malik 29, {66b, 6x4s}; Waqas Ahmed 5-58, Ali Usman 2-41) and after follow-on 216 all out, 56.2 overs (Tayyab Riaz 135, 146b, 17x4s, 1×6}; Ahmer Bin Nasir 20, {31b, 2x4s, 1×6}; Ali Usman 6-82, Muhammad Waheed 2-8)

Result: Ghani Glass won by 10 wickets

Overnight: Candyland: 185 for 9, 45.3 overs

Toss: Candyland elected to bowl first

Umpires: Aftab Gilani and Saifullah Khan

Referee: Ghulam Mustafa

***Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad

Higher Education Commission: 266 all out, 79 overs (Asfand Mehran 70, {123b, 6x4s}; Muhammad Faiq 52, {81b, 6x4s, 1×6}; Sharoon Siraj 44, {54b, 7x4s}; Fahad Usman 31, {82b, 3x4s, 1×6}; Rehman Afzal 23, 38b, 4x4s}; Haris Kamal 3-30, Muhammad Talha 3-64) and 113 for 3, 26 overs (Muhammad Faiq 46, {54b, 6x4s}; Haris Kamal 2-26)

Port Qasim: 144 all out, 48.1 (Khurram Manzoor 94, {131b, 12x4s, 1×6, Muhammad Sami 20, {70b}; Mamoon Riaz 6-26, Asfand Mehran 2-25)

Result: Match Drawn

Overnight: Higher Education Commission: 266 all out, 79 overs

Toss: Port Qasim elected to bowl first

Umpires: Abdul Wasy and Abrar Ahmed

Referee: Naveed Nazir


***Army Cricket Ground, Rawalpindi

Pakistan Army: 237 all out, 74.3 overs (Shoaib Khan 54, {120b, 10×4}Qadir Khan 48, {58b, 8×4}; Muhammad Fahad 35, {59b, 7x4s}; Muhammad Ismail 3-75, Arish Ali Khan 3-43)

Pakistan Air Force: 245-7, 42 overs (Umair Masood 68 not out, {74b, 5×4, 1×6} Muhammad Naqash 61,{59b, 10×4)

Result: Match Drawn

Overnight: Pakistan Army: 125 for 5, 29 overs

Toss: Pakistan Air Force elected to bowl first

Umpires: Naushad Khan and Naik Muhammad

Referee: Muhammad Wasim

***Diamond Ground, Islamabad

Pakistan International Airlines: 230-7, 83 overs (Abdul Rehman 77 not out, {174b, 7x4s}; Ali Imran Pasha 40 not out, {92b, 2x4s}; Fahad Iqbal 33, {88b, 2x4s}; Tahir Khan 31, {48b, 5x4s}; Shahzer Muhammad 28, {78b, 3x4s}; Ilyas Khan 4-76, Nasir Ahmed Khan 2-56) and 51 for 3, 24 overs (Shoaib Khan 27 not out, {70b, 3x4s})

State Bank of Pakistan: 279 for 8, 83 overs (Syed Saad Ali 83, {116b, 11x4s}; Rizwan Hussain 46, {71b, 6x4s}; Mukhtar Ahmed 29, {60b, 3x4s}; Rohail Nazir 24, {73b, 2x4s}; Haseeb Azam 23, {59b, 3x4s} Tahir Khan 4-75)

Result: Match Drawn

Overnight: State Bank of Pakistan: 99 for 3, 32 overs

Toss: State Bank of Pakistan elected to bowl first

Umpires: Nasar Khan & Raweed Khan

Referee: Fazal Akbar Shah


***Railway Stadium, Lahore

Pakistan Railways: 200 all out, 61 overs (Hassan Sardar 53 not out, {76b, 5x4s, 2x6s}; Zain Ul Hasnain 47, {97b, 8x4s}; Muhammad Waqas 27, {45b, 2x4s, Nisar Ahmed 4-54, Ghulam Rehman 3-60, Sadaqat Ali 2-27) and 103 all out, 30 overs (Hamza Nazar 37, {42b, 4x4s, 2x6s}; Ahsan Bhatti 20, 28b, 2x4s, 2x6s}; Nisar Ahmed 6-28, Manzoor Khan 4-28)

Sabir’s Poultry: 210 all out, 37.5 overs (Imran Dogar 90, {80b, 18x4s, 1×6}; Imran Nazir 37, {31b, 4x4s, 2x6s}; Nisar Ahmed 23 not out, {26b, 3x4s, 1×6}; Abdul Rauf 5-64, Ali Zubair Bhatti 3-54) and 95 for one, 16 overs (Imran Dogar 59 not out, {59b, 9x4s} Hassan Dar 22 not out, {14b, 4x4s})

Result: Sabir’s Poultry won by 9 wickets

Overnight: Sabir’s Poultry: and 33 for no loss, 8 overs

Toss: Sabir’s Poultry elected to bowl first

Umpires: Saifullah and Muhammad Basit

Referee: Khalid Jamshed

***LCCA Ground, Lahore

  1. Electric: 402-8, 83 overs (Umair Bin Yousaf 85, {130b, 6x4s, 1×6}; Bahadur Ali 68, {96b, 4x4s, 2x6s, Kashif Iqbal 60, {88b, 7x4s}; Hassan Khan 57, {68b, 7x4s}; Jahanzeb Sultan 51, {72b, 8x4s}; Sajid Khan 32, {20b, 2x6s}; Babar Rehman 4-73, Mansoor Ahmed 2-81)

Karachi Port trust: 116 all out, 37.3 overs (Shah Ali Zafar 23 not out, 64b, 3x4s}; Aaqar Anwar 3-30, Asad Raza 3-49, Muhammad Omer 2-28) and after follow-on 72-2, 39 overs (Shah Ali Zafar 38 not out, 115b, 8x4s}; Taimoor Ali 23 not out, 94b, 4x4s})


Result: Match Drawn

Overnight: Karachi Port trust: 6 for no loss, 4 overs

Toss: Karachi Port trust elected to bowl first

Umpires: Javed Ashraf and Qaisar Khan

Referee: Bilal Khilji

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