PCB hits a six on PSL broadcast and live-streaming rights

PCB’s desperation shows in broadcast deal of PSL

By Staff Reporter - December 21, 2018

PCB is celebrating having sold the PSL 2019-2021 broadcast rights for a phenomenal 358 percent more than before. Amazing news for the franchises since they get 85 percent of the share out of these rights.

The Cricket Board has been completely unethical by violating PEMRA codes in offering media rights to an advertising company with serious conflict of interest. Total broadcast market if Blitz manages to air on three sports channels is not more than 5 billion Rupees for the Pakistan territory for three years.

Interestingly, this time unlike previous tournaments the broadcasters will not have a cake walk. The government is different, and the media outlets are very sure about where they stand. The agency must not forget the carrier charges will be phenomenal and not meager given to the television channels last time

In case if Blitz uses its influence with Government Advisers or the Federal Information Ministry to get required airing towards entertainment channels, it will surely be struck down or stayed by the courts for being violation of PEMRA Ordinance.

Interestingly last time Blitz Advertisers paid USD 8.5 Million for the three years Pakistan territory rights, this time it is USD 27.5 Million for the Pakistan territory, 4.5 million for the global beaming and 3 million approximately for the web streaming/ digital rights.

The board has also been completely unethically in their ITT allowed third parties (non sports license holders or non broadcasters) to bid and then get to show one sports channel ready to air the content. If it’s only one then Blitz won’t be able to secure full value for CAT (Commercial Airtime) and inventory won’t be complete. In case if the agency gets to the other two, no less then USD 12 million each for three years will be the demand? 

PCB and Blitz also forget that according to Presidential Order 2003 and the PEMRA Ordinance, PTVC can beam the content on their terrestrial network which will leave Blitz, PCB and the PSL stacked against the wall.

It will be tricky, trickier still if the two sports broadcasters move to court for Blitz as an advertiser having serious conflict of interest? Or PTV as a state broadcaster airs it on terrestrial network as Doordarshan does it India?

It is an unwise deal all the way. PSL is bound to suffer.

By Staff Reporter

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