Pakistan become No 1 test team- who says what

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Waqar Younis

Its a proud moment. I am very excited and feel proud of being a Pakistani and take pride of his team. The hard work has paid off. I congratulate Misbah and the entire team and the management. We as a nation are all proud of this achievement.

Azhar Ali

I give full credit to Misbah. he has led the team admirably well since the 2010 problems and have told us how to play in adversity. He has taught us and built our careers.

It has been a problem that we have not played a single Test in Pakistan since 2009. My career started at a time when we were not playing at home so it makes our achievement bigger. Pakistan is a strong nation and its people are strong and that is an example. It makes our challenge bigger. We are away from our families and that’s also a big challenge so to be number one shows how string we are. Its a big achievement and there are very many sacrifices involved in that.

I think besides Misbah there are a lot of players who contributed in this achievement, I cannot forget Saeed Ajmal, who is not part of the team at the moment but he has won us a lot of matches. There are a lot of coaches involved like Mohsin Khan, Waqar Younis and Dav Whatmore so there are a lot of coaches and lots of people involved.

I also want to tjhank the PCH people who have done great efforts to guide this team this far. Lastly all the fans of Pakistan team also deserve this as they have backed us in every moment and every match.

Sarfraz Ahmed

I want to thank Allah that He gave us this big reward. Its a big achievement that we have worked very hard for. I don’t think any team has worked harder and suffered more than Pakistan for being number one.

We have not played at home since 2009 and have played tough cricket since 2010. I have been playing for the Test team since 2010 and although people think that we are at home in UAE but its not. All other teams play at home but we don’t so credit to this team and to Misbah for taking this team along so well.

Wahab Riaz

Thanks to Almighty that I am part of this world number one team. It looks like a dream achieved. We have done a lot of efforts to take this far and its a fruit of that.

We were at crossroad in 2010 and we were not performing well. Credit goes to Misbah who had that confidence in us. All the players who have been part of this team since 2010 deserve full marks and they worked hard for this. I cannot forget Saeed Ajmal, Abdul Rehman, Younis Khan, Azhar Ali and all those who have played since 2010. The biggest drawback was that we were not playing at home but the belief Misbah had paid off.

Mickey Arthur

Look, its a fantastic achievement. A lof of people deserve the credit for that but the top of them all will be the players who have worked hard and been outstanding. The support staff has been magnificent. I am just the lucky coach who has been with the team but others have done wonderfully well. Waqar Younis had done well with this team. People may say that its easy to get there than to remain there  We have got some tough series to play and we have that massive challenge and all away from the tour so its an opportunity to meet those challenges.

Misbah deserves a lot of credit in the background of a lot of issues but all the players have backed him and its a great achievement and playing away from home makes that a bigger achievement.

Shahid Hashmi

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