NSK’s blatant support for football organizers

July 10, 2017 | By

Just how blatant is the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Karachi wing works is anybody’s guess.

The NSK staff blatantly served the Leisure league Football organization, or call is mis organisation, of the Ronaldhino and Friends show at the weak-end.

Despite hiring a Lahore firm to cater to the media accreditation, the organizers remained un-aware of how to handle the media passes.

The said firm had two young girls who were not only ill-informed but were discourteous to media queries.

Scoreline received information that the said Media management (read mis-management) firm was backed by PCB marketing wizard Rao Umar, who has been minting money on the cricket front despite a full fledged marketing department.

All major cricket events are outsourced to Umar while the staff get full bonuses and commission.

When the media company failed to prepare the media passes a day before the match they were left clueless. Luckily, they found a rescue in the staff of the National stadium.

In came Rao Umar who through his connections got the NSK staff including NSK manager Arshad Khan and low grade media assistant Mohammad Amir involved in preparing the media passes.

On the first glimpse of media passes every journalist realized that the passes were made by the NSK staff as they were similar to the ones given during the cricket events in the recent past.

Did the NSK staff, with the manager at the helm, received money in return for their services. IF yes, were they permitted by the headquarter in Gaddafi Stadium, or not?

When Scoreline investigated it was told that NSK staff did the job on Umar’s insistence.

Led by NSK manager the staff of the NSK was doing duties at Hockey Club of Pakistan stadium on Saturday where the first football match was played.

NSK manager is under dark could as he is famous for flattering the outgoing chairman Shaharyar Khan. Arshad gave full protocols to Shahryar Khan and his wife whenever they are in the city.

The incoming chairman Najam Sethi will make the NSK manager accountable for all his love affair with the former chairman and it is understood that a replacement has already been decided.

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