Manjrekar terms fitness of Pakistan players below-par

June 5, 2017 | By

Karachi: The flavour of the Pakistan-India matches is not the same anymore. This was said by former Indian batsman and a renowned cricket commentator Sanjay Manjrekar on Monday.


In a video message, on his twitter account, the former Indian batsman admitted that he didn’t enjoy the encounters between the arch rivals a great deal. “I have not been enjoying India-Pakistan matches lately as they have been one-sided due to the gap between the two teams. In my playing days, Pakistan were a strong team, which is not the case anymore”, Manjrekar said.


The 37-Test veteran said that Pakistan had been facing a lot of problems however the players should focus on the controllable to compete properly at the top level. “They are working against the odds, they don’t play much of international cricket, neither any team tour Pakistan. They can’t control all these things of course but physical fitness is in their own hands”, Manjrekar added


In the Champions Trophy match on Sunday, India beat Pakistan by 124 runs in a one-sided encounter.


Sanjay Manjrekar was of the view that modern one-day cricket exposed flaws in fitness. “I felt a bit sorry in the way Pakistan looked on the field. Anybody out there  who has some influence on Pakistan cricket could may be try and do something that is controllable and that is physical fitness”, Manjrekar said


“Physical fitness is the area where Indian cricket has really grown and that’s what Pakistan can learn from Indian cricket”, Manjrekar concluded.

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