The habit of taking credit

June 28, 2017 | By

Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan. This adage perfectly fits Pakistan’s cricket. Everyone wants to get the credit for wins and nobody wants to take the blame when we lose. No one was coming on front when Pakistan was ranked 8th in ODIs.

Whenever Pakistan lost any series, Shakeel Sheikh changed the format of domestic cricket and some faces related to the cricket team: selection committee, coaches, managers or players.

But after the success in Champions Trophy, it looks that whatever Pakistan has achieved is due to Najam Sethi’s “charismatic leadership”. He is giving this impression through his connections in news organizations, especially the electronic media, to become the champion of Pakistan cricket.

But where is the PCB chairman Shahryar Khan? Executive Committee chairman Sethi is getting the credit for each success whether it is the final of PSL in Lahore or the Champions Trophy win.

All his sycophants are beating drums that whatever successes Pakistan has got in the ICC competitions are only due to Sethi’s planning. But enough is enough.

According to the PCB constitution, the chairman is above all but he is being ignored in all the talk.

Actually, there is no big contribution of these two “Babas”. Both of them are a burden on Pakistan cricket. It is only the talent of Pakistan cricket which takes the team up. The management has done little. Just before the competition, Umar Akmal, an unfit player, was recommended by the PCB cricket academy in Lahore. And he failed to prove himself fit after reaching England. Then Wahab Riaz’s inclusion in the team is puzzling. Their selection further exposed the selection committee’s merit policy.

The credit of this recent win goes to the players’ marvelous performance and captain Sarfraz Ahmed’s decisions. Their performance has hidden the wrongdoings of PCB. Whatever it has done with Pakistan cricket, particularly the domestic cricket, is not hidden from those who keep an eye on PCB.

Once again PCB’s media department officials and some others had joy trips of England. There is no one in PCB to tell why so many people are sent, why PCB’s funds are used for joy trips.

Why are Usman Wahla and Aun Zadi always getting foreign tours? What have they done? What are their services for the country’s cricket? How many news stories did media department send to print and electronic media offices in favour of Pakistan cricket and PCB? What was Usman Walla, the GM International, doing there? How many international teams have agreed to visit Pakistan because of his efforts?

Youngsters are making interesting videos and commenting on the action on and off the ground, but there has been nothing worthwhile from PCB’s social media staff.

It is time the government asked why so many PCB officials visit foreign countries. If PM Nawaz Sharif can’t take any action due to his political compulsions, the standing committee of Senate should take notice of this waste of PCB’s resources.

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