2x cricket USA Cup 2019, taking place in houston, tx in late-march

2x cricket USA Cup 2019 taking place in houston, texas in late-march

By ScoreLine Desk - January 15, 2019

2X Cricket is pleased to announce the USA CUP 2019, a celebration of cricket in the United States brought to you in an exciting new format, taking place March 20-24 at the Prairie View Cricket Complex and Moosa Stadium in Houston, Texas.

16 teams of domestic and international players will compete for a substantial cash prize while showcasing their abilities on a global stage. The tournament will be broadcast live on multiple channels and social media.

With over 10 million cricket fans in the United States and 12+ countries represented across the competing teams, not to mention global followers of the game, the audience for this event is huge.

The previous version of this event, last held in 2016, had over 3 million TV viewers in the USA and over 1.5 million across Facebook and YouTube, not including re-broadcasts.

2X (pronounced “Two-ten”) Cricket is a Twenty20 cricket match with two innings of ten overs.

The Twenty20 format has taken the world by storm, exciting crowds with its relentless, high-scoring pace. It has been a breathtaking revolution for the world’s second most popular sport, and has all demographics engaged throughout the game. The goal of the 2X format is to bring more strategy into the equation by alternating innings, adding a test match flavor into the competition.

Fresh on the heels of the United States’ inclusion in the International Cricket Council (ICC) as its 105th member, it is clear that the sport is growing in the US. 

By ScoreLine Desk

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