The Controversy of the PSL Social Video

By Asif Sohail - February 29, 2020

The Pakistan Super League Opening Ceremony has received much negative feedback primarily on social media outlets recently.

To make matters worse, a video has been released in which we find out as to how well our cricketers know local entertainment culture, is generating further controversy.

In the said video, cricketers are shown pictures of an actor and actresses and asked to name the artists, who worked in a recent hit television drama serial.

Seniors including Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi along with Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Amir, Imad Waseem and Junaid Khan offered their blunt comments on the visuals.

Shoaib mentions ‘Meri ammi dekh rehi thee tv serial. Iss kay barrey mein sunna bohat hay’. Afridi in his arrogant style remarks ‘Accha theek ha. Mein iss ka naam be leina ni chahta’. Mohammad Amir says ‘Du takkay ki aurat kay liye aap mujey 50 million dey reha tha’.

Comments coming in from mature Cricketers still seemed acceptable, but the inclusion of budding fast bowlers Naseem Shah and Muhammad Husnain was indeed shameful. It was astonishing to see them enjoying every word of the conversation about the discussed television actress.

Both blushed scarlet which can be visibly seen in the advertisement. Naseem says ‘Yeh tu larki ha’. Husnain remarks ‘Iss kay peechey Danish marra tha’. Naseem then asks her name and when Husnain tells the name of the actress, Naseem responds ‘Maashah Allah bohat piari ha’.

The reason for making such a video and making cricketers comment on the work of drama artists was not necessarily called for. What type of publicity does this plan to achieve and what image does it plan on creating.

It seems rather, a bizarre style of promotion. Making younger players comment on drama artists is a reflection of disturbing fragile minds at tender ages, something possibly not thought of by the copywriter. This could easily have been done by commenting on former greats of the game and relevent to the sport.

Sixteen year old Naseem saying ‘Barri piari ha’, may look innocent but it is not that simple and cannot be ignored. Naseem is literally viewing the beauty of physical features of an actress.

The copy of the video only seems to infuse young cricketers that they are entering a world of lime light. They should actually be taught to cope and manage themselves with the opposite sex.

Cricketers coming from humble backgrounds and weak education, suddenly enter into the aura of stardom which already makes them vulnerable for unscrupulous elements.

Brands have their own interests and they will target maximum mileage on their investments. However, one wonders at the wisdom of PCB management which allows young cricketers commenting on the appearance of drama actresses. Possibly this is how the Cricket Board intends to promote its Youth Development Program

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Posted by Pakistan Super League on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

By Asif Sohail

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