NAB must probe into sub-standard renovation of NSK

October 1, 2019 | By

Two years ago Pakistan Cricket Board had earmarked Rs. 1.5 billion for the development and renovation of National Stadium, Karachi. The work of the project was divided into two parts. The first phase was expected to be completed before the final of PSL while the second phase of installing roof was to be completed after the PSL.

The renovation work started in August 2017 which also included of the dressing rooms and VIP Boxes. However, the recent rains in the port city exposed the standard and quality of material used in the development and renovation work of NSK and lax attitude of PCB management.

How distressing it was that only a couple of days before the arrival of Sri Lankan cricket team, all that was noticed! The rain water leaked through the roofs of Hospitality and Media Boxes which looked like small ponds. Sewerage system of the stadium was also in pathetic condition.

There are visible cracks seen on the walls of the main building. The PCB had imported green outfield which was placed and it changed the face of the ground with its lush greenish look. The NSK has not fully equipped to cover the Square to protect it from rain.

Rain water also traveled near the escalator which created problems for players and officials who were forced to use stairs. Even Tv cameras showed President Arif Alvi climbing the stairs of NSK to watch the first ODI against Sri Lanka.

The PCB can conveniently blame the contractor for using substandard roofing and waterproofing materials in the construction. True that consultants or contractors often sacrifice the quality of construction for financial corruption but they can’t do this without the involvement of concerned officials.

When the renovation work was in progress had any responsible official of the Board bothered to check the quality of materials being used? When the work was completed and the contractor handed NSK over to PCB, which officials of the Board okayed it? And which official passed the bills of the contractor? We have no clue.

It was not a small project and its monitoring should have been closely carried out. Leakage means that huge PCB money is almost wasted amid slackness of PCB management. But it appeared that the PCB top management took it easy and brought shame for the organization.

Before the coming of British born Wasim Khan, whose professionalism has exposed very early and who has joined the traditional Moto of PCB Mafia *Look busy do Nothing*, Subhan Ahmed, incumbent OSD of the Board, was the most influential official after the Chairman. It was his duty to supervise or keep track of all the development and renovation projects under the ambit
of PCB including NSK.

A report appeared in media which said that PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani has taken notice of leakage of water from the roofs. Yes, the responsibles of this shameful negligence must be fixed. But will he take action against those whose negligence brought shame for PCB? The answer is a big NO.

Past history is testimony of our apprehensions. I demand of the NAB to order a probe into the construction and renovation work of NSK and take an appropriate action against the unscrupulous contractor and PCB officials.

Asif Sohail

Asif Sohail is an author at ScoreLine and has written numerous articles published at

He is a freelance sports journalist. Have worked in ‘The News International’ and a former Head of Sports at ‘Dunya News’. He Graduated from GC Lahore and completed his Masters from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.

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