Neither I nor my kids are guilty: Aleem Dar

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KARACHI: Renowned International Cricket Umpire Aleem Dar has out-rightly rejected the charges labeled against his sons that they lied about being Scottish in order to play in league matches. “My sons neither forged nor lied about their nationality, they were and they are Pakistani nationals. They were played in a league game by the local administration which was not aware of the rules and regulations”, clarified Aleem Dar while talking to ‘scoreline

“My children went to Scotland, in 2015, on vocations with my wife and stayed with a family friend, who was also the vice-president of that club”, added Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar claimed that the club played his children in friendly games, which he said is a normal practice there, however added that playing his sons in league games was club administrations’ fault. “The club administration was not aware of the rules and in fact the vice-president didn’t only step down afterwards but also apologised to me”, said Aleem Dar “This is absolutely untrue that my sons submitted documents with different names mentioned on them”, added Aleem Dar Earlier it was reported that Ali and Hassan Dar (sons of Aleem Dar) falsely claimed that they had been born in Glasgow to appear in a Scottish league and subsequently, their club, Kilmarnock CC, got relegated from the first division of the Union.

The renowned umpire expressed disappointment over the treatment he had been getting over this development. “I don’t understand why I am being targeted more than the players [sons]. Well, I can’t say if someone wants to exploit this incident to tarnish my image but it is indeed unfortunate”, said Aleem Dar

“Neither I nor my kids are guilty”, concluded Aleem Dar

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