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April 13, 2017 | By

By Syed Intikhab Ali


Pakistan cricket has been trapped in various kinds of crises and scandals. There are administrative issues as well as those related to the game.


Unfortunately its leadership could not resolve any of the problems.


And now PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan has said that he would retire in August this year.


The most important issues of Pakistan cricket are restoration of international cricket in the country and bilateral series with India.


The PCB even failed to make Bangladesh agree to visit Pakistan.


There have been frequent changes in the domestic cricket system.


After the PSL final, it announced that to restore international cricket in Pakistan, a World Eleven would visit Pakistan, but there has been silence about this since then.


Once again spot fixing and bribery allegations have hit Pakistan cricket.


PCB failed to address the issue even after the sentences awarded to Salman Butt, Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif.


Two-year-old baby named Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been tainted and Najam Sethi-led management did not know how to tackle the issue.


The PCB has a burden of more than 700 employees and despite this there is a long list of misadventures and wrongdoings.


But PCB has failed to resolve the problem of over-staffing. Instead those talented employees have been fired who did not have backing.


It is surprising that PCB often asks ICC to make India pay for its cancelling tours and refusal to play with Pakistan, at least thrice. But on the other hand, funds of PCB are spent on perks and benefits to the blue-eyed guys in PCB.


Political appointments and giving jobs on personal liking and lobbying have destroyed the working environment of the board. Everyone is working to consolidate his own position and to get maximum perks.


PCB very proudly says it does not take any grant from the federal government, so it is independent, but this is not enough to satisfy the cricket-crazy nation. After all it is the cricket board of Pakistan. It has to answer if longstanding issues are not resolved.


There is no cricket board in the world whose officials have fake degrees. Fake degree inquiries against its employees were launched three years ago but there has been no result. Interestingly, in such a long period employees can pass the BA and MA exams.


Even high officials, did not have degrees according to the requirements of their jobs.


They got their degrees after working for many years at PCB. Is there any cricket board in the world where such a thing happens? Get the job first and the degree later. Wow!


More than five media managers have been appointed in the PCB. A renowned veteran journalist, Najam Sethi, is the chairman of PCB’s governing body but even then PCB is always facing criticism from the journalist fraternity.


What is the purpose of four media officers because whenever they are asked any simple question, they fail to respond timely? They always say they do not know the development and will talk to the official concerned. It takes two days for them to respond and if the question is related to any PCB wrongdoing, they do not respond at all.


It is better to direct the questions to Najam Sethi as he gives answers according the need of the time.


How much importance PCB gives to media can be gauged by the fact that more than one and a half years have passed it has not appointed a media manager in Karachi.


Every year Pakistan’s first class system becomes a hot topic because of disastrous policies aimed at facilitating Islamabad region.


The format has been changed many times just to favour one particular team and no one can ask why they are making a mockery of the country’s domestic system.


Why is Shakeel Sheikh allowed to tamper with the country’s domestic system every now and then? Pakistan have lost in ODIs and T20Is, but they have been changing four-days domestic cricket format. What is the logic?


The country’s most prestigious cricket stadium, the National Cricket Stadium (NSK), looks like a haunted place, but they do not renovate it. Its outfield presents the look of a graveyard. It could be a scenic view from the flyover if PCB gives due attention to its maintenance.


More than three months ago the PCB’s regional cricket academy was inaugurated at NSK, but they haven’t appointed its director due to which it is not operational.


However, it is likely that they would appoint another blue-eyed former cricketer. But why are they further delaying the matter?


Imran Khan’s remarks about PSL players were criticized by everyone but on the other hand the PCB officials have shattered the entire cricket structure and no one can ask them anything.


There is urgent need to discuss the cricket affairs in the parliament so that these longstanding issues can be resolved and ways can be found to come out of this critical period.

Syed Intikhab Ali

Syed Intikhab Ali is an author at ScoreLine and has written numerous articles published at

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