Beware Wasim Khan: The PCB Mafia is after you

April 1, 2019 | By

A media report published in Dawn has stirred a new controversy and there is a discernible resentment within the leech PCB Mafia, not happy with the appointment of a thorough professional Wasim Khan, as Managing Director of the Board.

The restlessness, which one notices after reading the media report, is understandable. The Mafia has spent merrymaking decades in PCB without contributing anything of noteworthy for the institution.

Naturally, they feel threatened in the presence of a British born who has decided to relocate Pakistan and serve national cricket with a clear mind that requires sincerity and dedication, two qualities significantly lacking in the Mafia.

The cause of discontent among the top PCB Mafia is the official letter that has been addressed to the members of its BoG directing/requesting them to delegate their powers to Chairman and MD for the smooth operation of Board affairs. They are also asked to provide comments, if any, and give the decision on the attached resolution to the letter.

Let us recall that PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani had made it clear in his maiden press conference that he would appoint an MD and delegate his powers to him to operate the Board affairs.

Therefore, it was imperative, after the appointment of MD, to revisit and redefine powers and functions of various officials and draft a new financial and administrative matrix. Now that the process has started it is disturbing for the Mafia that finds itself uncomfortable in the new emerging hierarchy that Wasim would head and control effectively.

The media report also says that the new authority matrix is tantamount to reducing BoG to a dummy forum by taking away all its powers. Let me remind the readers of Score Line that the BoG, since its formation, has never remained an independent and powerful forum. Barring one or two all other members never disagreed with the chairman.

From my personal experience, I can vouch that the BoG always acted whatever the incumbent chairman asked it to do. When Ijaz Butt became chairman of the Board he managed BoG and Nahgmi, a boastful bureaucrat, was dethroned in minutes.

I was among a handful of Naghmi’s well-wishers (then) who had asked him to quit gracefully. I knew that Ijaz would not tolerate him further but Naghmi was adamant. Both Ijaz, being a member of the BoG and Naghmi (COO), were at loggerheads during Nasim Ashraf’s tenure.

Again how can we forget that it was the same BoG which had approved an amount of over 1 billion rupees to satisfy the ego of an overweening Najam Sethi to fight, an ill-advised case against the BCCI? The outcome was a foregone conclusion. The nation still awaits its details to be uploaded on the PCB Website.

Recently, the current members of the BoG have also approved the recommendations of the Task Force on domestic cricket which the PM has disdainfully rejected. How would their conscience suddenly awake now, when their powers are being given to the new MD? It is yet to be seen.

However, as usual, the treacherous Mafia has made a deliberate effort to instigate members of the BoG and use media for their personal gain just to mislead cricket lovers and those who matter.

Beware Wasim Khan: The PCB Mafia is after you! British born Khan must understand that Imran Khan had appointed Mani to eradicate ills inflicting Pakistan cricket but he (Patron) never knew that Mani would actually protect those who are responsible for all these ills.

Undoubtedly, Imran is double Ph.D. in cricket that is played inside the ropes, however, he has yet to comprehend and learn two-faced cricket politics which Mafia has been practicing in their chambers at the Gaddafi Stadium since decades.

It is true that the Board constitution doesn’t have the position of MD and Mani had also noted this and had vowed to make an amendment but no progress has been made in this regard even after four months of this appointment.

Why? Very simple! The PCB Mafia is not ready to accept the new MD. The PCB Director Media Samiul Hassan also said that the post of the MD had not been mentioned in the PCB constitution but added that it was approved by the BoG and, therefore, there was no legal hurdle for him to continue the job with the newly acquired powers.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone approaches the Court to challenge Wasim’s appointment. According to the new administrative matrix, the MD will oversee functions and powers of COO, CFO and other employees of the Board. That is where Wasim’s appointment is worrying for them and they have now managed to question it in media.

Similarly, the post of Naghmi is also not mentioned in the Board constitution but the PCB Mafia has no issue with the retired bureaucrat. Naghmi’s unconstitutional appointment is acceptable for them. The height of hypocrisy and double standards!

The clarification that PCB issued to the press was amusing. We are being told that the authority matrix was just a proposal and the BoG has the authority and powers to either approve or reject all or some of the management’s recommendations. Sami was quoted in the press saying: “It was understood that after delegating all the powers to MD and Chairman and other key officials of the PCB, the members (BoG) would simply play the role of monitoring to keep checks and balance”.

Is that possible that you delegate your powers to someone and yet keep a check and balance, particularly when it is not defined in the documents? Sami are you naïve! Whom is PCB trying to hoodwink?

The leakage of an official and confidential PCB letter to media should be a cause of concern for Sami who has rejoined PCB only in February last. Those who are in visible pain after Wasim’s appointment have now started using media as their possible shield against a thorough professional who means serious business.

Instead of issuing clarification Sami should investigate as how a confidential PCB letter was leaked to the same newspaper for which he has worked in the past. It is not difficult for him, a seasoned sports journalist of yesteryears, to discover who leaked the letter. Who should be held responsible?

The ball is in your court, Mr. Sami. The media story and the forthwith clarification of PCB reflects a visible division in the Board hierarchy. Score Line has already apprised its readers that the PCB Mafia is scared of Wasim and would make every effort to derail him.

Asif Sohail

Asif Sohail is an author at ScoreLine and has written numerous articles published at

He is a freelance sports journalist. Have worked in ‘The News International’ and a former Head of Sports at ‘Dunya News’. He Graduated from GC Lahore and completed his Masters from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.

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