Qureshi excited about the future of America’s cricket

December 2, 2017 | By

By Special Correspondent 

Florida: Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi says that the future of cricket in America looks good, this after he met with the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) USA Project Officer Eric Parthen at the ICC Americas office in Colorado Springs on Thursday.

Qureshi heard of the plans for what is to be called USA Cricket and he totally agreed on the way forward. “We at Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) stands ready to assist you in taking the game forward as I think we all want the best for the sport in this country.”

Parthen who was brought in at a difficult time to bring USA cricket together has been able to bridge the gap and point a clear way forward. In a couple of months an election will be held for a new executive and this will comprise a varied selection of individuals from way across the cricketing divide.

Qureshi who says that he has no plans to run for office, is however committed to the cause:”We have been working very hard to develop cricket on our own because of the absence really of a policy from the national body and then there was no national body for a while. We saw it as beneficial to keep moving the game forward in our little way by assisting in whatever way we could have.”

Qureshi has spent close to $20M in cricket development over the last 10 years and continues to dip into his pocket to make his dream of a strong USA cricket team a reality. Back in the day he funded an entire USA national team to play World Cup qualifiers and they fell at the last hurdle in qualifying for the tournament. Qureshi was at the time also the manager of the team.

Parthen gave the assurance that his team has worked diligently into putting a framework in place to take cricket to the next level and he will be working closely with all stakeholders in facilitating a bringing together of everyone.

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