Lanka Premier League Rescheduled from Nov 21

By Muhammad Asif Khan - September 30, 2020

Karachi: The ‘Lanka Premier League’ has once again been rescheduled to meet the ‘Quarantine requirements’ in the host country, Sri Lanka.

As per the official statement from the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) the readjustment, to the commencement date of the LPL, was to ensure that participating players have adequate time to meet ‘Quarantine Requirements,’ as per the Government’s health regulations.

“Accordingly, the commencement of the LPL, which was scheduled to start on the 14th of November 2020 will be shifted to 21st November 2020”, the SLC statement said.

“Since the IPL will go until the 10th of November, we thought to keep some space for the players taking part in the IPL, and who wish to make it to the LPL to take part in the tournament’’ the SLC statement quoted Ravin Wickramaratne, The Tournament Director, LPL.

“The ‘Player Draft’ of the LPL, which was to take place on the 01st October is now shifted to 09th October”, the SLC statement concluded.

The Lanka Premier League will consist of five franchises, whilst each can buy up to six international players.

By Muhammad Asif Khan

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