Big Bash introduces strategic time out for 2019-20 season

By ScoreLine Desk - October 25, 2019

The Big Bash League has taken a leaf out of the IPL’s book to introduce a strategic time out for the 2019-20 season. Unlike the IPL though, there will be only one time out per innings and it will last for a period of 90 seconds. The batting unit will be allowed to take this time out between overs 7 and 13.

Changes have been made regarding the Super Over as well. After the ICC recently announced the introduction of multiple Super Overs in the event of a tied Super Over – as was the case in the World Cup recently – BBL have decided to implement the same in case any finals game ends in a tie.

However, if the Super Over of a league game ends in a tie, the points will be split between the two teams and there won’t be multiple Super Overs to decide a winner.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the competition for our fans, players and clubs,” Cricket Australia’s Head of Big Bash Leagues Alistair Dobson said on the changes to the playing conditions. “The super over has been a discussion point globally after the ICC Cricket World Cup Final. We are pleased to have landed on a solution that provides teams and fans with a more satisfying outcome to a finals match.

“The Strategic Time Out has been thought about and developed over the last couple of years, with input from key stakeholders in the game. We’ve seen the strategic time outs used in other T20 competitions around the world, and we feel that providing the batting team with the power to call a time out will add an extra tactical dimension to the outcome of the game, with the priority of maximising runs.”

Brisbane Heat and Sydney Thunder will kickstart the tournament at The Gabba in Brisbane on December 17.

By ScoreLine Desk

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