Aussie women drop ‘Southern Stars’ name in equality push

June 8, 2017 | By

Sydney: Australia’s women’s cricket team have dropped the “Southern Stars” as their official name in the pursuit of gender equality.

The world’s top-ranked side will now be known simply as the Australian women’s team in official communications, matching the men’s team.

“This move may appear symbolic, but it does carry considerable weight,” Cricket Australia chairman David Peever said.

“Cricket cannot hope to be a sport for all Australians if it does not recognise the power of words, and the respect for women that sits behind such decisions.”

Social media accounts which use the Southern Stars name will remain, because of their strong following, but the official name and logo will be changed.

“I think it’s a big step towards gender equality and it’s great that Cricket Australia have recognised that,” captain Meg Lanning told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Thursday.

“As a team we’re right behind it, and I think it just sort of gender-neutralises things — the Australian men’s team and the Australian women’s team now.”

The move comes two months after the updated laws of cricket switched to gender-neutral terms like “fielder”, to encourage women and girls to play.


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