Afghanistan introduces bowling limitations in domestic cricket, Kabir differs

Afghanistan introduces bowling limitations in domestic cricket, Kabir differs

By Muhammad Asif Khan - March 24, 2019

Karachi: In a bid “to produce more faster bowlers”, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has decided to introduce a number of alterations in their first-class and domestic competitions.

Talking to this correspondent, the acting chief executive officer (CEO) of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, Asadullah Khan said the alterations are aimed at caping spinners from bowling the whole day.

“We have made a few alterations in the first-class setup and introduced a cap of maximum overs for a particular bowler in a day of a first-class game”, Asadullah Khan said.

“Earlier spinners would do bulk of the bowling which hampers players’ developed especially of fast-bowlers. New rule will be applicable in four-day, three-day and two-day domestic matches”, Asadullah Khan added.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) awarded first-class status to Afghanistan’s four-day domestic competition –  Ahmad Shah Abdali tournament – in February 2017.

The CEO of the ACB further vowed to implement the Athletes Management System (AMS) to monitor games at every facility along with different brands of balls at various levels.

“In the four-day competition, which is our premier tournament, Kookaburra balls will be used while other formats will have other brands”, Asadullah Khan concluded.

On the other hand, former head coach of the Afghanistan Cricket team, Kabir Khan objected to the idea of limiting a bowler in a multi-day domestic games.

“If a bowler (spinner in this case) is limited to deliver certain number of overs, a team will nullify the idea by playing more bowlers of the same type”, Kabir Khan opined.

“The pitches need to be improved so that fast and spin bowlers would get equal opportunities. It will also create a lot of competitiveness”, Kabir Khan added.

By Muhammad Asif Khan

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